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Fall - Winter 2015
All Times: Central Time Zone
Monday - Friday Program Schedule
12:00 - 5:00 Music Thru The Night (Kurt Goff)
5:00 Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)
5:25 Just Thinking (Ravi Zacharias)
5:35 Today In The Word ( Various Speakers)
6:00 Insight For Living (Chuck Swindoll)
6:35 Real American History (Randy Featherston)
6:40 Running To Win (Erwin Lutzer)
7:00 Focus On The Family (Jim Daly)
7:30 A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)
7:54 Community Calendar
8:04 Truth For Life (Alistair Begg)
8:29 Walk In The Word (James McDonald)
8:57 Real American History (Randy Featherston)
9:15 Insight For Living (Chuck Swindoll)
9:40 Turning Point (David Jeremiah)
10:08 Thru The Bible (J. Vernon McGee)
10:30 Grace To You (John MacArthur)
11:00 Wisdom For the Heart (Stephen Davey)
11:30 Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

12:00 In Touch (Charles Stanley)
12:25 The Alternative (Tony Evans)
1:06 - 3:00 Point Of View (Kerby Anderson)
3:00 Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)
3:30 Family Talk (James Dobson)
4:00 - 6:00 In The Market (Janet Parshall)
6:00 Pathway to Victory (Robert Jeffress)
6:26 Keys For Kids (Uncle Charlie)
6:30 Adventures in Odyssey (Focus on the Family)
7:00 Unshackled (Radio Drama)
7:30 Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)
8:00 Wisdom For the Heart (Stephen Davey)
8:30 Precepts For Life (Kay Arthur)
9:00 Grace To You (John McArthur)
9:30 Turning Point (David Jeremiah)
10:00 In Touch (Charles Stanley)
10:30 Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)
11:00 Today in the Word (Various Speakers)
11:30 Haven Today (Charles Morris)
Saturday - Program Schedule
12:00-5:00 Music Through The Night (Robert Basick)
5:00 Family Talk Weekend (James Dobson)
5:30 Christian Working Woman ( Mary Welchel
5:45 A Different Perspective (Bernie Dymet)
6:00 Weekend Magazine (Focus on the Family)
7:00 Health Essentials (Roy Morgan)
8:00 Paws and Tales (Focus on the Family)
8:30 Ranger Bill (Moody Radio)
9:00 Adventures In Odyssey (Focus on the Family)
9:30 Radio Theater (Focus on the Family)
10:00 Lamplighter Theater (Focus on the Family)
10:30 First Person (Wayne Shepherd)
11:00 The Land And The Book (Charlie Dyer)

12:00? 4:00 GodPraise (Dale Golden)
4:00 Gospel Greats (Paul Heil)
6:00 In Touch Weekend (Charles Stanley)
7:00 Haven Today Weekend (Haven of Rest)
7:30 A New Beginning Weekend (Greg Laurie)
8:00 The Public Square (Wayne Shepherd)
9:00 The Alternative Weekend (Tony Evans)
9:30 First Person (Wayne Shepherd)
10:00 Trusting By Grace (Tim Burns)
10:30 The Criswell Hour (W.A. Criswell)
11:00 Celebration of Praise
Sunday - Program Schedule
12:00 - 5:00 Music Through the Night (Roger Basick)
5:00 Words to Live By (Martin DeHann)
5:30 Treasured Truth Weekend (James Ford)
6:00 Thru The Bible Q&A (J. Vernon McGee)
6:30 Front Page Jerusalem (Int?l Christian Embassy)
7:00 Psalm 95 (The National Christian Choir)
8:00 Turning Point Weekend (David Jeremiah)
8:30 Truth For Life (Alistair Begg)
9:00 A New Beginning Weekend (Greg Laurie)
9:30 Trusting By Grace (Tim Burns)
10:00 Moody Church Hour (Erwin Lutzer)
11:00 Central Baptist Church (Darin Wood)

12:00 Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)
12:30 The Criswell Hour (W.A. Criswell)
1:00 The Land and the Book (Charles Dyer)
2:00 Health Essentials Encore (Dr. Roy Morgan)
3:00 Wisdom for the Heart (Stephen Davey)
3:30 Parenting Today?s Teens (Mark Gregston)
4.00 Weekend Magazine
5: 00 Let my People Think (Ravi Zacharias)
5:30 Grace To You Weekend (John MacArthur)
6:00 Words To Live By (Radio Bible Class)
6:30 Front Page Jerusalem (Int?l Christian Embassy)
7:00 Psalm 95 (The National Christian Choir)
8:00 Timeless Words and Music (John Paul Little)
9:00 Radio Theater (Moody Radio)
10:00 Songs In The Night (Erwin Lutzer)
11:00 In Touch Weekend (Charles Stanley)

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